A Citizen's Ballot Initiative to Completely Eliminate Property Tax
A Citizen's Ballot Initiative to Completely Eliminate Property Tax
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    No More Tax Foreclosures

    Because no tax is worth losing your home

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    True Property Ownership

    Because with property 
    taxes we will always be renters

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    Small Business 

    Just the break they need to thrive

What is AxMiTax? 
Grab a Cup of Something and Watch the Presentation.
​Then volunteer and let's eliminate property tax in Michigan! 


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AxMiTax is a grass roots movement and we need everyone to help spread the word, gather signatures, staff events, promote on social media, and donate whatever you're able. 
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Let's Save Personal Property Ownership in Michigan!


To get this grass roots movement over the finish line we will need an army of volunteers.  So if you feel that eliminating property taxes is good for Michigan please click on the button below to sign up to be a volunteer.  We will need fine people like you with many different skill sets. 



Most petition drives like this are backed by big special interest that dump tons of money into getting their petition on the ballot.  Well no special interest here, which means no special interest money.  So if you are able please consider donating to help with the cause.  You can do so by clicking on the Donate button below. 


Financial Crisis!

   Property Taxes are at the Highest Level Ever Recorded!

   Home Affordability is at the Lowest it Has Ever Been.

   Homelessness is at the Highest Level Ever Recorded!


Help Us END Tax Foreclosures 

Every year in Michigan, a staggering 184,548 residents face the harsh reality of being unable to afford their property taxes, pushing them into the perilous path of tax foreclosure. 
​It's a stark reminder of the urgent need to eliminate personal and property taxes in Michigan, ensuring financial security and stability for homeowners across the state.

The State of Michigan Dept. of Treasury numbers provided by the Community Services Division show an average of over 184,548 properties in Tax Forfeiture status each year.  


"Property tax is the only tax we have where people fear losing something if they don't pay it."
​Karla Wagner, AxMiTax

We give it to them and they give it away

This year alone our State has given away 2.9 Billion dollars in corporate welfare.  A lot of it to foreign companies including China.  Why not Michigan Companies?

Spending is out of control

Government never wants to lose a revenue source.  They say they need the money but it's time all these entities (government and schools) become fiscally responsible.

The Great Michigan Reboot

By eliminating property taxes we not only regain true property ownership but give each citizen the ability to reevaluate how their money is being spent.