A Citizen's Ballot Initiative to Completely Eliminate Property Tax
A Citizen's Ballot Initiative to Completely Eliminate Property Tax

About the Bill

When we drafted this constitutional amendment we wanted to accomplish two major goals

1. Stop foreclosures and restore true property ownership

2. Prevent spend happy politicians from immediately jacking up the taxes in other areas. 

Eliminate Property Tax

Increase Revenue Share

Require 2/3 Voters to approve new local taxes

Require 2/3 Majority of legislature to approve new taxes

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Why We Care.....

Property Taxes Destroy Families!

Property Tax is an anchor around the neck of Michigan farmers & Business owners.

Property Tax is inherently unfair and unjust.

Property Tax Isn't What You've Been Lead to Believe.

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About The Founder

Karla Wagner

Executive Director

Karla brings a wealth of professional experience to the table, wearing multiple hats as a small business owner, real estate agent, holder of a residential builder's license, and tax preparation associate. She's also served as a volunteer sheriff's deputy in her community.

But beyond her impressive resume, Karla's life experiences have shaped her advocacy. From caring for an elderly parent to balancing the demands of family and entrepreneurship, she's seen firsthand the toll Michigan property taxes take on families. It's this firsthand knowledge that fuels her dedication to fighting for tax reform, driven by a genuine desire to ease the burden on hardworking folks like you.

And Karla's motivation doesn't just come from her professional experiences.
As a Christ-loving believer, she's guided by the belief that her talents are meant to be used for the greater good. 
That's why she's committed to leveraging her skills and experiences to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of Michigan citizens. 

         Tax Foreclosure Must End