A Citizen's Ballot Initiative to Completely Eliminate Property Tax
A Citizen's Ballot Initiative to Completely Eliminate Property Tax

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Support for AxMiTax
State Representative Jim DeSana Supports Ax Mi Tax

Jim DeSana, Representative of the 29th House District, which spans portions of Monroe and Wayne counties, including parts of Taylor, Romulus, the village of Carleton, the townships of Ash and Huron and a portion of Frenchtown Township supports the elimination of property taxes in Michigan.
Representative DeSana understands the benefits to the Michigan families and the economy!

AxeMiTax is now AxMiTax

As we embark on the pivotal stage of printing our petitions and commencing the signature-gathering process for campaign finance reasons, we are transitioning to 'AxMitax' from 'AxeMiTax.' Rest assured, it is still us, unwavering in our commitment to the same mission. Our dedication remains steadfast as we continue to work to achieve property tax reform in Michigan.    Released 12/8/23

AxMiTax Presentations in Michigan

Karla Wagner talks about AXMITAX and its goal to remove property income tax for the state of Michigan. She explains state and federal funding and how those funds could be used to pay property income tax by the state rather than its residents.
Watch the full interview at Blue Water Healthy Living.

Upcoming Events

As a Grass Roots movement AxMITax is constantly on the road speaking with and educating the great people of Michigan about how we can eliminate property taxes and WHY it's absolutely NECESSARY!

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